"Joy at Christmas" Decorative Candles

"Joy at Christmas" Decorative Candles

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A set of hand painted candles entitled "Joy at Christmas".

Hand crafted decorative image blended into an unscented candle. These are medium sized candles with approximately 40-45 hours burn time and are sold as a pair including packing and postage. Great display for Christmas time. Great for display in your home and a talking point for guests to chat about - each one is unique and hand painted by the local Devon Artist. Best as display candles. 

This is a hand painted in acrylic over a decoupage image of a Christmas scene. 

  • Measurements

    All colours and measurements are approximate.

    Total weight: (880 g, 0.88 kg, 1.9 lbs), Dimensions: (105 X 80 X 80) mm, (4.1 X 4.1 X 3.1) ", Burn time 45 hours for each candle. 

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