Beautiful fairy wish decorative candles

Beautiful fairy wish decorative candles

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Beautiful candle decorated with a fairy and hand painted ready to brighten up any Christmas.


Two candles: 19cm by 10cm - 90 hours burn time (1252g), 15cm by 8cm - 60 hour burn time (630g).  A lovely set of two fairy candles that will make your home feel festive and make your season wonderful. A mixed set of two unscented candles. 

We love a make-over for our homes over the winter period with wonderful decorations during the Christmas season, even when there is no snow. Exclusive, discreet and timeless decorations enrich our homes. These can range from Christmas tree baubles and lights to decorated candles. It is up to you to decide how you want to display Christmas tree decorations, lights,  crackers, candles and so on to create that festive atmosphere. 


Our unique hand decorated Christmas Candles adds a breathtakingly beautiful to the atmosphere - even outside the Christmas season. These unusual decorative candles will help you create a glamorous presentation with a wonderful festive feeling. Indeed, we have transformed a plain candle into something special. 


They also make an ideal present, inspiring even those who prefer their decor plain, and they are sure to bring a new, upbeat atmosphere to any home. Whether you decide to give them away or just treat yourself, these elegantly decorative candles are sure to make your home decorations anything but boring. And when combined with a few branches and any standard candle, these adornments make a truly unique focal point in any home. 


Candle Material: Wax decoupage with candle gloss and glitter
Number of Candles Included: 2 - One large 90 hour and one medium 60 hour


Scented:  unscented candles

  • Measurements

    All colours and measurements are approximate.

    Weight: (1252 g, 1.25 kg, 2.8 lbs), Dimensions: (190 X 100 X 100) mm, (7.5 X 7.5 X 3.9) ", Burn time 90 Hours.

    Weight: (630 g, 0.63 kg, 1.4 lbs), Dimensions: (155 X 80 X 80) mm, (6.1 X 6.1 X 3.1) ", Burn time 60 Hours 

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