A Swarm of bees in a meadow Decorative Candles

A Swarm of bees in a meadow Decorative Candles

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A pair of hand painted candles entitled "The Swarm".


Hand crafted decorative image blended into unscented candle shop bought candle. Candle gloss is applied to protect the image. These are medium sized candles with approximately 45 hour burn time and are sold as a pair including packing and postage. Great for display in your home and a talking point for guests to chat about - each one is unique and hand painted by the local Devon Artist.  Best as display candles. 


This is a hand painted in acrylic with a candle glaze applied over a decoupage image of bees.

Postage and packing free to UK Mainland, Scotland & Highlands and Ireland.

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    All colours and measurements are approximate.

    Weight: (880 g, 0.88 kg, 1.9 lbs), Dimensions: (105 X 80 X 80) mm, (4.1 X 4.1 X 3.1) ", Burn time 45 Hours

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